Clay Smith Art | Jargon Slayer (CM)
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Jargon Slayer (CM)

Jargon Slayer is a subversive atypical cult graphic novel. She is an anti-hero,  preferring to operate in secret with her accomplice the  Tombstone Angel. Many aspects of organised society whether they be mindsets, lifestyles or industries  fall under her deft hammer, automatic gaze and transformation.

Six Chapters have been created so far.

  1. Jargon Slayer from the Ether (2009)
  2. The Dawn of Jargon Slayer (2009)
  3. Jargon Slayers solace (2009)
  4. Polly under false pretense (2010)
  5. Pan’s  Shibari (2011)
  6. The Game Player (2013/2014)

She is a deconstructivist finding many social norms reprehensible and offensive. If there ever was a mission statement as to her purposes it can be found in the text encapsulated in the  painting (Demarcation lines are drawn in the dust 2009)

“In the back of Jargon Slayers mind she knew there was no end to her rage. Her ancestors had been fooled before they had the sense and good reason to contemplate how much this socially constructed normative society had robbed her and them of the ability to connect with all members. The leaders the legislative policy makers, the constrictors of community, this was who her fight was against. Her mandate was simple, free the minds to choose. All can be shining beacons if only they knew. The fuel for her fight was endless and the opposition was no human. It’s a mental landscape she was fighting that’s source was negative, putrid, archaic. She needed all the chaotic anarchistic fervour she could muster.” 

Ideas that have been thrown around the ring like a heavyweight hitter that have disappeared under her knockout punch include. Mind game playing, idolisation of rock musicians and electronic music makers, the sicker aspects of sensationalistic media journalism. Many other concepts for Jargon Slayer to bring her iron will to  have been written and will in time gestate into a multitude of nouveau painted series. The newest chapter The Game Player of the seminal femme fatal  had her engaging with Medusa. This wretched snake personifies and quaffs the modern societal ill of mind-game playing. We have all been exposed to this insipid schema. The demise of this concept was pleasurable for all fair minded people who feel rorted.

If there was a blueprint that describes the structure of how the series are created it would be analyzed this way. Take the autocratic doomed concept and have it inhabit a well chosen historical mythological character eg Medusa, Pinocchio and Pan. Then have Jargon Slayer verbally joust with the redundant mindset to the point where it’s unhinged and defeated leading us all to the nirvana of newly dealt pleasantries.