Clay Smith Art | Japanese Ghost Story: The Distortion of Eri Eringo (CM)
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Japanese Ghost Story: The Distortion of Eri Eringo (CM)

Chapter 1: The unforeseen capture
The haunted house, melting targets, skewed goals, unconscious uncoupling, dragging a dead weight and time stops. Portals open, outflow Ancient Kabuki Theatre Legends, Japanese Mythological Beings and Creatures who chain and rope themselves to the Geisha Eri Eringo, being completely unaware of the malicious nature of her partnered weight as she poses in the frame and the world melts around her.

Chapter 2: The protagonists escape
Channelling guttural compulsions, Eri’s seismic shift dropped the veil like a western O.K. Corral gunslinger in shut down mode. The demigods and tawdry provincial representations were pap in her recalcitrant survey. The melting targets became bullseye surety for her newly ascertained masquerade spikes. The ghost hazing was perfunctory, symbiotically useful. Making haste, she was light speed into abscondville. Climbing with apt agility, entreated to obsequiously own the new transition.

Chapter 3: The villainous training grounds
In the armoury detached from the haunting, Kitsune lead the troop in a variety of ancient Kung- Fu like patterns although the marital art they practiced was not really like your modern day adaptations. For this style of battle was more akin to the theatre of war between the Viking Gods of old like Odin and Loki locking horns for the sake of humour and Loki’s mischievous nature. Eri was really clueless to the specific reasoning for Kitsune sending her into the haunted house and the daunting game of cat and mouse that awaited.

Chapter 4: The tide turning
Deep in the meditative state Eri Erringo realised than in transcending assistance from her psyche or others that she could unlock her own Goddess like powers rivalling a litany of written historical personifications. Moving the sticked myths slowly down the cavernous decent into a portal of her own creation. Ultimately they were going to a historical touch stone and destination of her poetic choosing.

Chapter 5: Through the portal

The midline, flicked switches, colour swathes and vanishing points. The myths and ghosts under Kitsune didn’t expect this parallel thinking.  The floor rolling away flipping and spinning heads, up was now down and down was up. Kitsune and the blue Oni and hatched a new plan. They wouldn’t give up now. Eri was a formidable foe. She was an escape artist with her own skill set and was cheekily  toying with their supernatural skills with a burgeoning set of her own.

Chapter 6: Radial assimilation

Exonerated from the malaise of pre-judgements she detached, spun the naughts and crosses against her name and multiplied the savvy chic she had always displayed. Puppets in her spinning spool. Dimensional folds unfurling with simplicity like sand through her fingers. Rolling through the moments with an entrenched joy unreachable in expanse.

Chapter 7: The Dawning Faun

Rays splaying across the metropolis, the parallax error, images brought into divine view in the waiting room. Lockjaw appellations. 27 layers of sound and flickering dissonance, the ghosts hatched pure genius. Eri would be aghast if she knew. Interdimensional advantage, underestimated trivialities in a harmony of cacophonic vibrations.