Clay Smith Art | Cultural Tempest (CM)
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Cultural Tempest (CM)

“Understanding other multiple versions of cultures from being directly immersed within that culture is another key to living an enriched life.” Clay Smith July 2015

This series looks at the impact of travel abroad on people. If you build good friendships with people from many cultural backgrounds it can improve your appreciation of differences. When the artist traveled to the Kansai region of Japan he met a Japanese local in a Kimono on the train coming back from the festival of lights in Kyoto. As a result of her friendly nature they both saw the 10th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake commemoration. It was a spectacular neon light show of many arches down the main street that lead to neon pergolas in a park. This interaction along with others helped form the basis of this series.

Without travel we are but a shadow of the fullness we could become. Travel helps people in so many ways to develop cross cultural awareness and is crucial to destroying ignorance and division in this multicultural world. This series gives a shining glimmer of light to the cultures and countries that the artist has visited.