Clay Smith Art | Nudes (CM)
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Nudes (CM)

Nude is a progression of re-mediated life drawings offering a stripped tri-coloured palate with liquified torsos and backgrounds that are coy and play a counter-point to the traditional adoration of the photo-realistic nude. The sourcing of the imagery comes from life drawings and photographs. The conceptualized appropriations of pencil life drawings done on A4 paper. Ruled abstracted linear patterning gives a grounding to the figuration in the foreground.


It’s a body of work focusing on forlorn, glum and listless figures balanced against  aesthetics which is  customarily defined as  an artistically beautiful or pleasing appearance. This tension between  subliminal elements is challenged in the imageries  and colouration by a more morbid approach in the construction of the figures. Non skin tones make the paintings dabble in the grotesque but the line work of the oil markers leans the figure towards beauty and poise.