Clay Smith Art | Carnivale (CM)
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Carnivale (CM)

Carnivale is a series focused on the ties of  the modern city life arts of  circus and physical theatre to the historical aspects of the global street parades found in Carnivale. The two are inextricably intertwined.

A global phenomenon, broad in scope and culturally diverse with the etymology of the word being debated by linguists and historians. One thing is clear with well over 60 countries holding the festival in many cities and a demographic time line that includes the oldest Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia. Having folkloric tradition of costumes and dance that dates back before the times of the Incas. Also with respects to Europe, the Carnival of Venice being started in 1162 from a victory of the “Serenissima Repubblica” against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven.
Another  goal of the series is to provide a flashpoint memory glimmer to  Clay’s  past  physical theatre performance life. In the mid 1990’s  in his 20’s Clay was apart of a physical theatre group  that performed in Sydney and Brisbane in a troupe called Zoo move and later was a street performer at the Woodford Folk festival. In Zoo Move shows there was fire spinning, acrobatics and multimedia presentations all rolled into one. Zoo Move disbanded when the director moved to the States.